Accessories for the Generation of PROGRESS Applications


The accessories for the generation of Applications in Progress Provide a development and operation environment that maximizes productivity, Permitting even that programmers with little experience be able to generate applications with the same quality as more experienced personnel. In this environment, applications are generated by experts in progress, whose operation is regulated by parameters provided for by the developer/user. The environment provides a reusable code of all the basic operations required to develop a business application. This allows programmers of different levels and experience to be able to generate applications with the same interface as the user and making use of an optimized and previously tested code.

The result is a much higher productivity, standardization and ease of maintenance to the systems.
The Accessories for the Generation of Progress Applications provide also ease for:
  • Configuration: of the application
  • Administration: of the menus and help for the user
  • Interfaces: with other productivity systems and tools
  • Control: access and security at user/group level